- Features

Responsive Contact Management

Add, Edit, Delete Contacts, Share, Organize and Communicate with contacts. Share once and never have to share again if anything ever changes about your contact info. Pick and choose what you share. Share with individuals, groups or businesses. Get automatically updated with information shared with you changes. In addition to these, you get to do more if you have a business account: Organize contacts and assign to organization users (employees). Track contacts with contact notes. Manage more contacts in a multi-user setting. Track your clients with notes over time. Search customer interaction notes to reveal good and bad practices, then know how to optimize your interactions and increase ROI.

Living Connections

Discover the magic of Living Connections: Evaluate your relationships, define the depth of your living connection and have them permanently connected to whatever contact information you want them to (old, new and future info just magically shared based on your very own settings). You stay in control, always in-sync. As a business you also get to create living connections with your customers, so they always know your most relevant contact information. Get your loyal customers to create a Living connection with you, so you are always in-sync with them.


What are contacts if you cannot communicate? Have a quick message to send to a contact, a connection or a group or business? Simply send them a message or a treat right from laTreats. Watch it filter through their e-mail, mobile and social profiles. Just like that, a few clicks and you’re done. You see, you’re always in-sync! Business accounts get higher allowances on messages and communication analytic reports.


Are you letting some relationships slip through the crack? You can know that by looking at your communication reports. Are you a business and want to know if anyone or group is falling through the cracks? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Get monthly reports on your communication patterns and make sure no lead gets forgotten.

Living Events

Events and intelligent business & customer interaction made easy. Have a simple event like hangout, pizza party or night out with your connections, or an important milestone to celebrate? Let laTreats take the stress out of it and let businesses bid for your services before you even decide to go. They will bid without even knowing who you are. No pressure to accept. Make them offer you a deal to convince you to come to them. All you do is add services to your event, and matching businesses will have a chance to anonymously submit proposals. You get to choose the best place and deals for your needs. It’s a Win-Win. You win! Businesses Win! As a business, target your customers at the Point of Planning. When was the last time you knew your customers or potential customer’s plans before they even decide to come to your place of business? With laTreats, you have that. You not only have them. You also have a chance to ask them to create a Living Connection with you, keeping you ‘Always In-Sync’ with them. Think about this: you target customers because you know they are planning to consume your services. Your chances of earning that business are much higher than blind targeting. Safe money, save time, increase profits.

Event Actions

Plan an event today, define event actions and set an optional message. Link event to contacts/connections. Just like that, you’re done. LaTreats takes care of the rest for you. Messages automatically go to invitees. They respond simply by clicking on a link. View responses whenever you want. Peace of mind, time saved, productivity increased.

Event Service Proposal Engine

At laTreats, we allow businesses to enter the services they provide into their business account. This action allows our algorithms to automatically match event related services that match the business, and present an opportunity for the business to make a sales proposal, even without knowing who the potential client is. Once approved, deal is locked and must be honored at time of service. Just with a few clicks of a button, business and their clients can now engage in ways that were not possible before.