- About Us

We are a forward-looking technology company with a goal of developing software systems that positively impacts people’s lives on a daily basis. Towards this goal, we have started by building a software system to help you always be In-Sync with the contact information of the relationships that matter to you the most. We have a commitment to do this at a price that no competitor can beat, but to do so providing a more superior product. Whether you’re a business or an individual user, you will fine value in the suite of tools we have for you at www.latreats.com.

What we have developed for you:

We have developed technology to help your optimize the quality of your relationship with your contacts. Our technology will help you easily manage your contacts and get automatic updates whenever a contact’s information changes, including updates on future information. We have introduced Living Connections, Living Events and Sales Opportunity proposal engine, new concepts in contacts and relationship management. Our technology will not only allow you to be Always In-Sync with those you care about, it also gives you an individual user, opportunity for deals on event services, while giving businesses opportunities for new sales channels. We do this while giving the user the power to protect their privacy and decide what information moves where. We make it a Win-Win for all. You get all these, and never worry about losing a contact information again, or worry about the freshness of the information in your contact list.

Right now, we have built the following tools:
  • Responsive Contact Management
  • Living Connections
  • Living Events
  • Sales Opportunity Proposals for businesses.

The first innovation we have released is our responsive contact manager that gives you the confidence to trust the reliability of the contact information in your address book. We recognize that your contact list is your most valuable social network and sometimes this network does grow so much that you need a dynamic tool to help you manage it. We also recognize that once contact information gets shared, all future changes should automatically be synchronized with those you shared with.

Next we realized that it does not only end with contact information and automatic updates when a shared contact changes. Sometimes you have that second number and will like to share with those you care about. Or you could have that second temporary address, or social handle, etc. You should not have to call everyone or even think about sharing. Instead, that information should magically just get filtered through the system to those you truly want to have that information. For this reason, we have developed Living Connections, a new concept in contacts and relationship management.
With Living Connections, you specify rules and LaTreats takes care of distributing future information that meets your criteria. Right now we have developed Personal, Business, Personal & Business type of Living connections. In each of these, only your very own information that meets the Living Connection definition type will get shared automatically with those you put in your Living Connection. For those who desire to also share their entire address books, you have the option to create the ‘Global’ versions of the above type of Living Connections. During Living Connection creation, you just choose something like ‘Global Personal’ for example, to share not only your personal information, but also all personal contact information from your address book. What if you don’t want information to filter through? You simply mark the contact information as ‘Private’ when you enter it and it will never be automatically pushed through the Living Connection pipeline. You see you maintain control, protect your privacy, yet share only with those you want to see your information. We simply help you do it with ease.

What about Living Events?

Recognizing that the reason you have contacts is because you engage them to do all sort of activities with you, we decided to introduce a novel concept of Living Events. With Living Events, we have simplified the art of casual event planning. Simply create a an event, set a date, type a short description and message, add contacts from your address book or other contacts, add optional services, and just like that you are done. LaTreats takes care of the rest. Contacts automatically get messages regarding the event, with options to click to confirm attendance or decline. Right from your app, you’ll know who will be joining you.

It gets better.

We don’t only want you to quickly and easily plan your events. We also want businesses to bid in an effort to earn your business, while protecting your privacy. To do this, we give businesses a wonderful and innovative tool. We give them the ability to add their services, get automatically matched by location and service whenever an event is created, and then submit a discount proposal to the potential client. The event creator can then approve a proposal that must be honored at time of service. What we have done here is found a unique way to bring businesses and customers together, without violating user’s privacy or revealing their identity without their approval. Think about this, for the first time in our lifetime, businesses will be able to know potential customers at the point when they decide to consume a service. As a business it will then be up to you to either convince the potential customer to come to your place of business or go to the next option.

For business customers, we have even more tools for you beyond the options listed above, like contact notes, user management (e.g. invite users to join your organizations), group and assign contacts to users, view communication patterns, etc. Please see our feature page for highlights.

At LaTreats, we want you to optimize the benefits of engaging with your most valuable network (your contacts). We want you to organize, share, plan events and send messages to them. We want you to Always be In-Sync with those that matter to you the most, be it your relatives, friends, customers or business connections. This is just the beginning. We will continue to innovate for you. We plan to have both web apps and mobile apps for all our innovation.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We are here to answer any questions you might have. You can send mail to connect@latreats.com.